This aims to outline the terms and conditions of registering with Briz Kidz Casting Ltd. All clients must read, understand and accept these before completing the registration process.
It is understood that by completing your registration, you accept the following terms and conditions.

The Application Process:

All applications begin with an online form, completed by the parent/guardian. This does not secure a place on our books. All children and a parent must attend the Registration Day to complete the application process. Those who do not attend will be removed from all files and their details disposed of in line with our Disposal Policy.

Applications will be considered complete only when we have all the following information:

  • Completed Registration Form, including measurements
  • Signed Agreement
  • Professional Standard Headshots
  • Professional Standard Full Length Photo

Any incomplete applications will be kept on file for 3 months from the Registration Day Event. If, after this point the application remains incomplete, the files will be deleted in line with our Data Retention and Disposal Policy.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that we have all requested documents and information in order to process the applications. It is also the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure all information is correct and up-to-date.

All children must be based within Bristol, Wales or the Southwest and be happy to travel for any filming work at their own expense. You do not need any performance related training or experience to register with Briz Kidz casting.

Whilst we do not turn applications away, we reserve the right to refuse or remove any application at any point of representation.

Registration Days:

The agency books will only be opened to new registrations from children over 2 years old at designated Registration Days. There are two (2) Registration Day events per year. The online registration form will open no less than four (4) weeks before the nominated date and close the Friday previous to the event.

Applicants can attend a Registration Day without completing the online form. However this can slow the application process.

New Registrations can take 6-8 weeks to process, after which time a secured link to digital copies of your registration pack and your profile.

Age Limits:

We represent children from birth (0years) to the end of the academic year (June) of their sixteenth (16th) year. After this point, their profiles will automatically be removed from our books in line with our Data Retention and Disposal Policy.

This does not affect children who registered before the end of January 2019. These children will continue to be represented by Briz Kidz until their eighteenth (18th) birthday unless otherwise notified by termination of your contract or removal from the books for reasons stated in our terms and conditions

Children over 2 years old can only register at specific Registration Days. We accept registrations from children from all backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities and religions.

Babies under the age of 2 are able to register at any point and expectant parents can pre-register with us. Applications will not be processed until we have all required documents, as stated in the Application Process section.

Supplied Photos:

Parents are welcome to supply headshots and full-length photos for their child’s profile. These photos must be of a professional standard, containing only the child with a plain background, good lighting, in focus and clearly showing the child’s facial features. All children must be fully covered (leotards and swimwear will not be accepted). Only Hi-resolution, digital images will be accepted.

Briz Kidz Casting reserves the right to request alternative photo options.

Photography Service:

We offer an optional photography service at Registration Day events. There is a charge for this service of £25 per child. You will receive digital copies of the photos upon completion of your application.

Renewal of photographs will be charged at a reduced rate of £10 and are available at Registration Days.

We offer 2 options when using this service:

  1. Book a Morning Slot (1000-1255). All slots will be allocated by the agency and you shall be informed in the week prior to the Registration Day. You will be required to arrive 30minutes before your allocated time slot. Sessions will not be held and any latecomers will forfeit their slot and will need to wait for the next available time.
  2. The afternoon sessions (1300-1600) are run on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive after 1200 to collect a ticket and wait in line.
All headshot sessions are subject to availability.

All copyrights will remain with Briz Kidz Casting.

Bristol School of Performing Arts (BSPA):

As the recognised agency for BSPA, enrolled students can register with Briz Kidz Casting at any time via the school. Registration packs are available for collection in person from the school office. Applications will not be processed until we have all required documents, as stated in the Application Process section.

Updating Information:

As the majority of casting briefs contain specific age and size requests (eg measurements, height or clothes/shoe sizes) it is essential that all information we hold is up to date. Briz Kidz Casting will send out a reminder to update this information every six months, using an online form. To ensure your child is not restricted in opportunities for which we can put them forward, please take the time to complete this form when prompted.

Profiles with information older than 12 months are at risk of being removed from the books in line with our Data Retention and Disposal Policy.


Briz Kidz Casting works with productions that have very strict confidentiality rules. It is essential that these are adhered to at all times by all children and parents. In registering with the Agency you agree to the following:
  • You will not discuss the casting, audition or work offers among friends, peers or colleagues at any time.
  • You will not reveal any confidential information and will not discuss anything you hear, see or learn whilst working with the production.
  • You must not share or post on any social media sites.
  • You must not take photos whilst on set.
  • You will act in a professional manner at all times whilst representing Briz Kidz Casting.
Confidential Information means scripts, storylines, cast information, locations, schedules or any events that occur on the day(s) of work. This list is not exhaustible.

Should you or your parent/guardian not adhere to any of the above, you will be subject to dismissal from the production and removal from the agency books with immediate affect.


Briz Kidz Casting cannot guarantee auditions, castings, bookings or work of any description. We can, however, promise to do our best for all the Kidz on our books.

In the first instance, Briz Kidz Casting will send your profile for any casting opportunities that you are suitable for (i.e. fitting the brief, live within the desired location range or match specific measurements). If, after this stage, you are short listed, we will contact you with casting information, however you are under no obligation to accept any work or audition offers.

We often send out casting requests and information via email. This can include availability checks, requests for specific information needed for the role and requests for self-tape auditions. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent to receive and respond to these requests by the allotted deadline. Briz Kidz are not responsible for any missed opportunities.
Once you have accepted a booking, confirmation will be subject to a Child Performance Licence being issued. Until this point, you will be on a pencil and you must remain available for this date, unless in exceptional circumstances (illness, injury etc.)

Productions retain the right to cancel or amend a booking as per the needs of their schedule. Should this happen, you will be informed as soon as possible and alternative dates may or may not be offered.

Child Performance Licence: 

Bookings are subject to Child Licensing and is governed by law. Without a valid Licence in place, a child cannot perform. If the license is not processed in time for the performance date, the booking will be cancelled.

The licence application process can take up to 21 days so it is essential we get everything in place quickly. This includes the following:

  • Photos of the child
  • School’s permission of absence letter
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate
  • Application (parts 1 and 2)
As part of your application, we request a copy of the birth certificate to keep on file for this reason. Whilst it is not an essential part of your being accepted to Briz Kidz Casting, it will aid in the Performance Licence application.

We will ask the Parent/Guardian to complete the Part 2 of the Licence Application and also to apply to the school for permission of absence. We do need written approval from the school and without this, the performance license will not be processed.


There is no fee for registering with Briz Kidz Casting, nor will there be any administration or membership fees for the duration of your representation by the agency.

All roles offered are paid, however there is no set fee for children. The Agency will negotiate with the productions on your behalf and inform you of the rate on offering the role. This will be confirmed in writing once the role is confirmed and the licence issued.

All work offered through Briz Kidz Casting, is subject to agency commission of 20%. This includes, but is not limited to, performance fees, usage fees, buyouts, royalties and residuals.

Additional fees that cover out of ‘pocket expenses’ (per diems, travel/fuel etc.) are not subject to agency commission.

The agency reserves the right to change the fees policy at any time. Any changes to the fees policy will be communicated in advance of implementation.


Briz Kidz Casting will deal with all invoicing to productions. Once payment has been received from the production, which can be 6-12 weeks from the date of performance, the agency will transfer your fee (minus any commission) into your nominated account. We will also issue you with an Advice Note, which has a breakdown of all the fees.

Briz Kidz Casting cannot accept responsibility for payments and will only pass on fees that have been paid. Whilst we will use best endeavors to retrieve any monies owing and chase payments from productions, we are not liable for any fees owed to you.

Children are not subject to NI or tax.


You can terminate your contract with Briz Kidz Casting at any time. Please send notice in a written format, either by email or letter posted to the office address, with 3 months notice.

All work that falls within this period or within the twelve months beyond this date will be subject to agency commission.

The agency reserves the right to remove you from the books at anytime.

Chaperones and Tutors: 

By registering with Briz Kidz Casting, Chaperones also agree to these additional terms and conditions:

  1. To keep up-to-date with all guidelines, training and legislations related to working with children.
  2. To safeguard the welfare of all children in their care at all times.
  3. To treat all sensitive, personal information with confidentiality.
  4. Briz Kidz Casting is not responsible for Chaperone Licensing, training or informing chaperones of any changes in legislations or working practices.
  5. Briz Kidz Casting will not take responsibility for the actions of any of it’s Chaperones or tutors.
  6. Copies of children’s timesheets are to be sent to Briz Kidz Casting along with any reports of incidents or accidents whilst on set.  
  7. To ensure that Briz Kidz have your correct, up-to-date contact details.
  8. Chaperones and tutors are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance. 
  9. Briz Kidz Casting will not take commission, membership or administration fees from chaperones. We add an Admin Fee on top of the daily rate, which is paid by the production.
  10. Invoices are to be made to Briz Kidz Casting Ltd and not the production.
  11. Briz Kids will use best endeavors to retrieve any monies owing and chase payments from productions. However, we are not liable for any fees owed to you.
  12. Registering with Briz Kidz Casting does not guarantee work.

Chaperones must adhere to all confidentiality rules at all time. This includes:

  • NOT disclosing any confidential information with anyone outside the production.
  • NOT discussing anything you hear, see or learn whilst working with the production.
  • NOT sharing or posting on any social media sites.
All chaperone applications require the following:
  • Chaperone Licence and Enhanced DBS
  • NSPCC Protecting Children in Entertainment Certificate (online Course)
  • Signed Copy of BBC’s Guidance For Chaperones.
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Completed Application Form.
All new chaperones will have on-site training with an experienced chaperone and will be assessed as to their suitability to the role of Chaperone.

These Terms and conditions are reviewed and updated regularly and are correct as of April 2019.


  • We, The Agency, Briz Kidz and Briz Kidz Casting refers to Briz Kidz Casting Ltd
  • You, Your, Parent/Guardian, Child and Children refers to the Client

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